Organizational Consulting with Dr. Delores Jacobs

Organizational Consulting refers to a variety of services designed to assist organizations in achieving their strategic goals and fulfilling their highest potential. The use of a consultant can

  • Help to build a more vibrant, engaged and satisfying culture for boards, board committees, CEOs, staff members, volunteers and stakeholders

  • Enhance and strengthen the organizational systems that sustain that culture

  • Expand leadership skills and opportunities

  • Build and expand organizational capacity and

  • Create transformational change

Organizational Consulting with Dr. Delores Jacobs

Your organization has a unique mission, vision and values statement. You face your own set of challenges, have your own special strengths, and are at your own stage in your organizational development. As a result, you and your organization require a set of services specifically tailored for you.

Drawing on nearly three decades of experience as a psychologist and a successful nonprofit chief executive, Dr. Jacobs tailors organizational consulting and coaching services for your specific needs. Working alongside organizational leadership and using “best practices” as a guide, services are made available in both 1:1 and group formats.

Sample Services

The below listing reflects sample services provided to organizations.  Some are basic foundational examples, others are more targeted initiatives. Often the examples involve a brief training followed by a facilitated discussion and the formation of future action plans. Additional services are available upon request.

Foundational Services

  • Board or staff retreats focused on teambuilding and creating deeper dialogue skills and engagement practices

  • Principles of good board governance

  • Successful succession planning

  • Board development and leadership training

  • Developing board training plans

  • Annual board satisfaction/enjoyment/engagement interviews and recommendations

Special Initiatives

  • Mindfulness practices and skills and their benefits

  • Maintaining focus and moving beyond reactive responding: non-reactivity skills for board, staff or volunteers

  • Health and wellness: creating a thriving environment for board, staff and volunteers

  • Beyond tokenism – creating successful diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives

  • Enhancing board and/or staff engagement: skills for fuller participation and difficult dialogues

  • Annual board satisfaction/enjoyment/engagement interviews and recommendations

  • Acquiring cultural curiosity

  • Acquiring LGBTQ competencies

* While many additional services are available, executive search services are not available. Appropriate referrals will be provided.

Requesting Organizational Consulting Services

  • Begin by completing the online request for consultation form.

  • This request will be followed by a telephone call with Dr. Jacobs during which you will schedule a 30-minute, in-person consultation appointment to discuss your needs and goals. There is no fee for this first consultation.

  • If an agreement is reached to move forward with services, the organization and Dr. Jacobs will sign a contract for services. This contract will specify the services to be delivered, the timeline for delivery, and the cost of the desired services. It is possible for an organization to contract for several services within one contract.

  • Except in unusual circumstances, as a function of the planning work required, a 30% deposit is required for organizational consulting services in advance of service delivery.