Joy is something most of us have experienced and few of us can define.

In fact, defining it almost ensures we will miss the point.

  • Joy is transcendent. Not part of our usual everyday consciousness, attitude or feeling.
  • Joy brings a deeply resonate satisfaction; a pause, a long exhale.
  • Joy is an experience – Positive, transcendent, deeply felt, resonant.
  • Joy is the set of experiences that give rise to hopefulness and possibility.

Experiences of joy refill our reservoir of strength, hope and resilience.

Enough with the words. Joy is better communicated by an image, a photo, a painting. The picture on this page captures a joyful moment. Grandchildren create many of those moments. J

Pursuing joy involves a set of choices about how we spend our time and energies.

And too quickly a chorus of voices will begin to object to that last statement. Voices around us, voices inside of us.

“I don’t have the time or money to have those choices.” These voices are not your friend. Of course you do and of course you need and deserve it.

We are talking here about consciously choosing to find 10, 15, 30 minutes a few times a week to do the things that are deeply gratifying. Each of us has a few minutes to choose to spend… to choose joy.

Look again at the picture. It captures a moment of playful wonder. Spinning her around, loving her, laughing with her. It was 10 minutes of pure joy. That 10-15 minutes could have been another experience – a walk thru the park, a run thru the neighborhood, cooking dinner for friends, a sunset walk on the beach, … joyful experiences can be different for each of us, and different day to day.

Pursuing joy means intentionally choosing to spend what little time you feel you have on experiences that bring you joy. Financial planners tell us all the time – pay yourself first. They’re talking about retirement, I’m talking about choosing a fuller, stronger, more resilient, more hope-filled life.

Choose you. Choose love and laughter. Choose joy.

You may quickly decide you don’t have as much time to choose the drama.